Ally McCoist has jumped to the defence of Rangers and Celtic, claiming that the Old Firm would easily thrive in the English Premier League. 

The debate over whether or not the Glaswegian duo could cut it south of the border has been fired up again after West Ham manager David Moyes admitted that he would like to see Scottish Premiership sides compete in the Carabao Cup as a means of revamping the competition, as per the Scottish Sun.

That in turn led to Ally McCoist and Alan Brazil discussing the matter on talkSPORT, with one listener, Doug, taking exception to the former’s suggestion that the Old Firm would be successful in England.


Calling into the show, as quoted by the Daily Record, Doug said: “What are you on about, Celtic and Rangers would hold their own in the Premier League?”

But McCoist doubled down on his claim, replying: “Easy”.

Doug then fired back: “If they were to be put in the Championship they wouldn’t get out via promotion.

“What planet are you on?

“While they are in Scotland, they are guaranteed all the Champions League money, they would not, in any way, get any Champions League money out of the Premier League.”

But once again the former Ibrox boss held his ground, responding: “Doug, I take your point and I’m in total agreement with you, not at the start.

“It would take three of four years, but once, now listen Doug, please, Celtic and Rangers were on the receiving end of £80, £90m which clubs down the bottom of the league in the top flight get, there is absolutely no doubt would far exceed where you think they will be.

“In five, six, seven years they would be top six.”

Would Rangers succeed in England?

The truth is that this is purely hypothetical, and unless the does ever actually happen, then we’re constantly going to be at the behest of opinion and supposition.

All you can say for definite on the matter is that both the Gers and their bitter rivals are massive clubs with massive fanbases, and given the injection of funds that would come with Premier League TV rights, you would expect them to flourish eventually.

Would it take time? Of course. Does a big fanbase prevent you from struggling on the field? The likes of Leeds United and Newcastle United will latest that it doesn’t.

But would both teams have the potential to become stronger than they have been in a long, long time? Provided there navigated the period of transition probably, yes, absolutely.

In other news, ‘Wouldn’t surprise me’ – Kevin Phillips tips senior Rangers ace for PL switch, on one condition.


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