The rivalry that exists between Rangers and Celtic cannot be understated. 

There are very few, if any, cities in the world that are to the same kind of deep-rooted bipartisan footballing divide as Glasgow, and you need only take a quick glance at any given Old Firm derby to see how solidly it is set in stone.

As a result, there are times when things boil over and can become quote ugly.

Last Sunday’s clash between the two sides was a perfect illustration of this.

Alfredo Morelos was dismissed late on for a second bookable offence, before seemingly making a throat-slit gesture towards home supporters as he left the field.

That in turn led to Chris Sutton calling for him to be given a five game ban in a column for the Daily Record.

Now, in a subsequent column for the paper, the pundit has defended his previous claims.

He said: “When I said Morelos should be handed a five-game ban for his throat-slitting sign at Celtic Park on Sunday,
it wasn’t about the Rangers striker, the result or anything else.

“It was purely about the message this sends out about Scottish football. It’s a much wider issue.

“It doesn’t even matter that it was Morelos who was involved – or that it was a Rangers player.

“I would think exactly the same thing if it was Scott Brown or any other Celtic player who 
did it.”

Ostensibly, Sutton makes a fine point here.

Morelos’ gesture is indefensible, even in light of allegations of racist chanting from home fans, as per the BBC.

Nobody is saying that he should have to sit back and take that kind of vile abuse from a mindless group of idiots, but there are ways and means of getting one over on them, and leaving the pitch in the manner that he did, getting himself in further trouble is not one of them.

The main issue with what Sutton says here, however, is that it’s very easy for him to claim that he would have reacted with such offence if the boot had been on the other foot.

Perhaps he would have, but the general one-sidedness with which he conducts his punditry means that it’s hard to fully believe him.

In other news, Athletic journo wouldn’t be surprised by Rangers making summer swoop for prolific hitman.


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