The end of the decade has naturally been a time of great reflection for a lot of people associated with Rangers.

The Gers endured arguably the worst decade in their long and distinguished history after undergoing liquidation in 2012, and everything after that fateful point has been an uphill battle to reestablish former glories.

Thankfully, and a little tentatively, it looks as if Steven Gerrard could be the man to help make that a reality.

Even if we don’t see a league title at Ibrox come the end of the season, you can’t deny that it’s getting closer and closer.


And that added competitiveness should be cause for celebration for all Scottish football fans, Celtic supporters included.

And that seems to be the opinion of former Gers’ chairman Alastair Johnston too.

Speaking to FourFourTwo, he said: “I always wondered about the mentality of certain Celtic supporters, not by any means most of them, who basically said our club died in February, 2012.

“You know what? If that was the end of Rangers and Celtic and if that was the end of the big game that started in 1888 (the first Old Firm meeting) all the way to 2012 – we won that game.

“The way you determine it by the number of times (54) we won the top division. We were ahead in February, 2012 and in head-to-head victories, we were ahead of Celtic in 2012.

“So if you wanted to say the old Rangers of 1872 died – we beat you 2-0 and when the game started again in 2012, it will be 120 years or so before you can tie with us.”

Rivalry is what makes football. The divide between Rangers and Celtic is deeper and more hotly contested than just about any other in the history of the game, but without it, where would either side be?

You need competition for football to be meaningful.

Without it you get to a point where a team can win a treble treble with ease.

Now that the Gers are back in business properly, let’s hope that we have plenty of opportunity to put an end to the kind of gloating that has been the bane of everybody’s life at Ibrox for far too long.

In other news, Adrian Durham names Rangers quartet in Scottish Premiership team of the decade.


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