Rangers hitman Alfredo Morelos is a real enigma.

For every brilliant thing he does, and there have been at least 28 of them so far this season, there seems to be an equally outrageous or frustrating thing to match it.

Take his performance at Parkhead on Sunday.

The Colombian had Celtic’s backline on strings for much of that game, but his outing will be forever remembered as the match in which he was sent off for an unnecessary dive in the dying seconds, before seeming to make a throat-slit gesture at the home fans.

And pundit Noel Whelan has spoken out on how infuriating the South American can be at times.

Speaking to Football Insider, he said: “The kid drives me mad, as a manager you wouldn’t know whether to give him a pat on the back or give him a punch.

“He’s one of these players that you can be so delighted with but then so frustrated with.  All the good that he does during the game and then all these silly little moments, petulant moments that he has in his armoury.

“He would just drive a manager insane. You’ve now lost a top goalscorer for another game, I know you might have replacements but you’re losing your top goalscorer – you don’t need that.

“It just incenses me and it was just so blatant as well, you could see him going for it. You don’t need to do that.”

Of course, we all love El Bufalo, and in some respects, you want him to be his usual prickly, passionate self.

But he needs to learn when to tone it down and when to walk away from a situation.

He’s getting better, but Sunday showed that he still has some way to go.

In other news, Paul Robinson hails ‘very frustrated’ Rangers favourite who has ‘impressed’ him every time.


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