By Jason Jones

23rd Dec, 2019 | 8:33am

'10 years ago...' - Michael Stewart issues verdict on contentious moment in Rangers win v Hibs

In some respects, Ryan Porteous’ tackle on Borna Barisic has gone under the radar a little.

Much of the focus in the aftermath has been shifted towards the ugly scenes that followed the challenge, in which a glass bottle was thrown onto the pitch towards the floored Rangers ace.

But in and of itself, the initial tackle from the Hibernian man was crude, potentially dangerous, and deserving of the red card it received.

And that was the opinion of Sportscene pundit Michael Stewart, although he did provide a slight caveat in his analysis.

Speaking on the show over the weekend, he said: “If this was 10 years ago, people would have been saying it’s a great tackle.

“The thing that does it for me, with regards to this tackle, he slows down his stride pattern. I think he could actually clear the ball down the park with his right foot if he just keeps going.

“You just can’t do tackles like that nowadays. He gets plenty of the ball, but he gets plenty of Barisic too.”

Maybe Stewart is right here. Porteous definitely does get a slice of the ball, but it’s the followthrough which is concerning.

Not only is it reckless, but it looks worryingly malicious too.

Now, only the Hibs man will know the true intent behind the tackle, and it would be remiss to accuse him of deliberately attempting to hurt another player, but if there is any doubt over a tackle like that, then he has to go.

Perhaps a decade ago it would have been a different story and he would have been applauded for a no-nonsense cruncher. Perhaps there are some fans who still miss the simplicity of more physical era. But when all is said and done, Barisic could have had his leg broken on Friday night, and no matter which way you look at it, that’s unacceptable.

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