By Ray Livingstone

16th Dec, 2019 | 10:54am

BBC pundit shows startling double standards over Rangers red

Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos picked up his first red card of the season when he scored and then celebrated in front of the Motherwell fans. 

It didn’t affect the result of the game with Rangers going on to win 2-0.

Referee Don Robertson was within his rights to brandish a yellow but it seemed unnecessary with Morelos already on a caution.

Steven Gerrard said Robertson was “desperate” to send off Morelos, who had been unplayable all afternoon.

His goal was his 27th of the season already and it’s not even Christmas yet.

Some Rangers fans think Morleos gets treated differently to other players but he certainly doesn’t get even-handed treatment by pundits.

BBC Sportscene pundit Tam McManus was exposed in a series of tweets by Rangers fan account Rangers Bear.

In the tweet against Morelos, McManus said, “Stupid red card best thing to shut the fans up is stick the ball in net. He done that. Get on with game. No need for gestures to opposing fans. Never learns.”

The trouble is, in a tweet from back in March talking about Scott Brown goading fans, McManus said, “All part of the game. He took it tight at Ibrox and gave it back today. He is precisely what Rangers are crying out for. A leader.”

The double standards here are pretty phenomenal, we have to give McManus that.

It’s okay when Scott Brown does it. In fact, it makes him a leader. But when Colombian Alfredo Morelos does it, he’s an idiot.

Hopefully, McManus will dwell on this and tone down his anti-Rangers and anti-Morelos stance. It’s not a good look.

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