By Ray Livingstone

10th Dec, 2019 | 6:24pm

Ibrox View: English jibes another low for anti-Rangers journo

Nothing really surprises us about Tom English anymore.

But his latest dig at Rangers after Ryan Jack was in tears after the League Cup final is another low for the BBC man. 

The BBC should have a better quality of journalists than this, that don’t cling to some outmoded opinion of what men should be.

English said, as quoted by the Scottish Sun, “If Celtic had lost that match yesterday, would Scott Brown have dissolved into tears in Neil Lennon’s arms? I don’t think so.”

And, erm, so what?

What point is English trying to make? That Jack is less of a man because he’s been spotted crying?

It’s not just us that think he needs to apologise.

Former Rangers star Charlie Adam and former Aberdeen goalie Jamie Langfield both backed Jack.

Langfield said, “So young men should keep their emotions bottled up and never show them?

“That’s why in society we have so many problems. Just cause Scott [Brown] doesn’t do it, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong for Ryan to do it.

“I salute Jacko for it, it’s good to see how much it hurts as players are not robots.”

Adam said, “Totally agree. The whole build-up and emotion, it can get to players.”

We want passion in sport. We want our players to hurt if they lose. Football shouldn’t be a game when footballers turn up, take their money and go home.

English should know better but actually, any excuse to take a dig at Rangers is enough for him.

Unfortunately, this time he’s just shown his true colours. And they’re not pretty.

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