By Ray Livingstone

22nd Nov, 2019 | 2:00pm

YouTuber who did Rangers tour sends club letter of apology

YouTuber Ninh Ly caused a stir when he did tours of the Celtic and Rangers stadiums in opposing shirts. 

And he fell foul of some Rangers fans when an edited clip of his video landed on Twitter and was retweeted by Stan Collymore.

The clip made it look like Ly was made to feel very unwelcome at Rangers, while he apparently got a very different reaction at Celtic Park.

As with so many things these days, though, it turned out to be fake news.

Ly was moved to make a new video explaining that the edited video wasn’t how his views on Rangers came across in the full video.

“At no point did I ever criticise either team’s staff or either team’s football club,” said Ly. “I went on record to say I recommended both tours.

“My old high school friend told me Stan Collymore had retweeted my video. I hadn’t put the my video on Twitter so I checked his account and apparently there’s a two-minute video that has been cut specifically to make Rangers look bad and Celtic look good. Obviously I didn’t do this.

“I’ve been on record to say the Rangers staff were very nice to me. I wrote a letter of apology to Rangers this morning as the two-minute clip has been taken out of context.”

So that puts that matter to rest.

The only remaining question is why would he do what he did in the first place?

You’ve only got to look at his views to see why. The stadium tours he’s done (including Liverpool/Everton and Man United/Man City) are by far the most popular he’s done. The Rangers/Celtic video is his third most popular with over 150,000 views.

You’ve got to admire his nerve too.

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