By Dan Plumley

8th May, 2023 | 6:40pm

Out of court settlement predicted at Rangers after latest legal news - Finance Expert

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Rangers...

Dan Plumley has insisted that an out-of-court settlement is likely at Rangers as they prepare to head to court for Elite Sportswear in the coming months.

The £9.5million case is likely to go ahead over the loss of kit sales, although it is predicted that it may not go that by a leading finance expert.

Plumley admitted that with high costs likely with lawyers fees among a long list with a lot to lose for everyone involved if it goes that far.

“You are always looking for motives,” he exclusively told Ibrox News.

“You are never quite sure where it is going to fall, because obviously the other side of a legal battle is quite costly for both parties as you have to enter into the lawyers’ fees, which doesn’t come cheap and the longer it goes, the most costly it becomes for both parties.

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You have to have a feeling you have a case to win as it can be costly and that is when you tend to see more out-of-court settlements that get done as both parties have a lot to lose and it becomes even more costly.

Speculating slightly, but we may see that with this one given the nature of how it’s gone back and forth in recent months.”

John Bennett likely has a very long to-do list at Ibrox since his step up to Chairman, and the exits stacking up on top of that, this isn’t going to help.

All eyes will be on this case though, with the potential for a settlement very much on the cards now.

In other Rangers news, the club are in line for a multi-million windfall from the Premier League after a £10m Auchenhowie milestone was reached