By Graeme Hanna

17th Apr, 2023 | 3:10pm

New Rangers partner confirmed in crucial update fans have been waiting for

Rangers’ customer service manager David Milburn has stated that a new ticketing website is being developed in partnership with SeatGeek, as reported by Four Lads Had A Dream.

Unfortunately, the update won’t take effect immediately with the significant lead time required to put the technology in place after continual issues on that front.

The news was given as part of a broader insight into the department headed up by Milburn and what fans can do to get in touch with the club.

Four Lads author Steven Clifford emphasised the importance of this key issue, and thankfully the club is now doing something about it.

“I spoke to David about the new ticket website, a major issue for the club and the supporters,” he wrote.

“Rangers have partnered with SeatGeek and they are currently building the new ticket website, a painfully slow process with so many records and information to migrate over.

“That website is currently scheduled to be ready for next year, most likely towards the 2024-25 season.”

Fit for purpose

Anyone who regularly purchases tickets from Ibrox will know of this ongoing problem.

The existing website, a legacy issue of recent years, has been inadequate and cannot cope at peak times, for example, when tickets for Hampden or European games go on sale.

It will be a relief when a proper, modern fit-for-purpose system is in place and that is exactly what Rangers should have in 2023.

SeatGeek is a well-established technology platform whose current football partnership portfolio includes half of the English Premier League including Manchester City, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Leicester City, and Newcastle United.

The current set-up will remain in place for the foreseeable and it has improved to an extent, recently. Whilst the queuing system and ticket website capacity still shows its flaws, the payment process isn’t as bad as what it was.

The eventual overhaul and roll-out, once SeatGeek is officially unveiled, will be well received by the supporters.

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