By Daniel Feliciano

14th Sep, 2022 | 9:10am

Bayern Munich fans stand with Rangers and Napoli with protest after UEFA postponement decision

Bayern Munich fans protested against UEFA during their win over Barcelona on Tuesday after their decision to postpone the Rangers clash with Napoli.

Rangers were subject to a late notice rescheduling of their fixture with Napoli following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last week, with the game pushed back by 24 hours and away fans banned due to policing issues.

Away fans have also been banned from the return fixture in the interest of “sporting fairness”, but Bayern fans weren’t happy with the decision despite it not involving them and made their feelings clear in the stands.

Holding up three banners with a message to UEFA and the game’s decision makers, Bayern fans made their thoughts clear.

“Last minute match delays and bans because of a royal’s death?! Respect fans!” they wrote.

Rangers will face Napoli tonight at Ibrox, having suffered a 4-0 defeat in the opening group game to Ajax last week.

Nothing without fans

Obviously the circumstances were extenuating and this was an unprecedented event to deal with, but once again fans were completely ignored in the process making.

Moving a game by 24 hours doesn’t seem like a big issue, but plenty of fans will have made special arrangements to support their team that now can’t see them and that’s not to mention the Napoli fans who had arranged international travel.

The same goes for Rangers fans who had already bought and paid for tickets and flights to watch the Napoli clash in Naples later this year, who now won’t be able to for no reason whatsoever.

German football fans have regularly aired their discontent about situations around the world and this is no other, and just goes to show that supporters around the world all just want the same thing ultimately.

Credit to them for making their voices heard in a situation that doesn’t really affect them, and hopefully it makes the right people stand up and pay attention.

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