By Joe Ellis

12th May, 2022 | 9:45pm

Rangers shareholders Club 1872 urge for u-turn on 'extremely disappointing' decision

With the Europa League final taking place on Wednesday 18 May, many Rangers fans hoped they could head to Ibrox to watch the big game.

A multi-big screen setup was the idyllic scenario which would have allowed tens of thousands of supporters unable to make it to Seville to watch the game among their fellow Gers supporters.

Managing director Stewart Robertson though suggested that this was not likely to happen which sparked outrage with a large proportion of the Rangers fanbase.

None more so than the club’s sixth-largest shareholders Club 1872 who represent the views of the fans on the board and they have responded to Robertson’s admission.

“The decision by Stewart Robertson not to hold a beam back of the Europa League final at Ibrox is extremely disappointing,” they wrote in a statement posted on their Twitter account.

“We have written to him this evening to urge him to do a u-turn and open Ibrox to the tens of thousands of loyal supporters who will not be in Seville.

“This is a momentous and potentially historic game for Rangers and our supporters should be able to gather at our home stadium to experience the occasion together.”

Why not?

Ibrox holds over 50,000 people at any one time but only 7,000 tickets have gone on sale for the final in Seville for each side competing in it.

Eintracht Frankfurt are no doubt dealing with a similar kind of problem with demand through the root but very little supply to go with it.

This idea is a brilliant alternative for those unable to take the time off necessary to make it out to Spain or those unable to afford it, so why Robertson isn’t planning on doing so is a complete mystery.

Maybe the finances of hiring a ginormous screen has something to do with it but this run to the final has brought millions upon millions of pounds into the football club and they can always sell tickets to Ibrox for the watch along if they need to break even.

Club 1872 are absolutely right to question Robertson for this decision and let’s hope he does perform that u-turn because we need to be together to witness this historic night.

In other Rangers news, the club have ended their High Court battle thanks to a secret settlement.