By Mike Slater

18th Sep, 2021 | 8:10am

Chris Sutton takes aim at Stewart Robertson & Rangers

Chris Sutton has taken aim at Rangers chief Stewart Robertson this week after being banned from Ibrox on Thursday.

Both the Bears and Celtic were in Europa League action, but Sutton and Neil Lennon were told to stay away from the BT studio at Ibrox.

Security reasons were cited, but Sutton has labelled that and Robertson’s issues as “nonsense” this morning.

Writing in his Daily Record column, Sutton took a fresh swipe but aimed most of his time at Robertson.

“It’s just ridiculous,” he wrote.

“Stewart Robertson has the audacity to complain about the Sky television deal – which he agreed to at the time – and at the same time, he’s trying to tell broadcasters who they can employ.

“That is a sure-fire way to chase them away, never mind convince them to pay more money. The security issue Robertson raised with BT just sounds like nonsense. The timeline doesn’t work for a start.”


As much as we all may disagree with Sutton, what has this brought on the club other than more unwanted attention and embarrassment?

Robertson has backed himself into a corner where citing security reasons simply make no sense, especially after all this time.

Sutton has been at Ibrox covering Old Firm games and even just Bears games for many years now, and then all of a sudden this decision is made.

You can’t just pick and choose pundits to make you look good, it would have been hard to find anyone who could have done that on Thursday.

The whole attitude of the club and these decisions needs to change, or we could be going down a very dark hole.

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