By Mike Slater

30th May, 2021 | 7:05pm

John O'Neill stunned by Rangers ace Jordan Jones for Northern Ireland v Malta

John O’Neill was left stunned on Sunday afternoon as Rangers winger Jordan Jones fired home the opener for Northern Ireland against Malta.

The Bears player has been on loan at Sunderland for the past year after breaching COVID-19 regulations and was given the chance to shine one more time on international duty.

Steven Gerrard is yet to make a decision on the wingers’ future, but his goal against Malta could have forced him to rethink over the summer.

Writing on BBC Sport’s live coverage of the clash, O’Neill was left in hysterics as Jones smashed home the opener for Northern Ireland.

“Excuse me for laughing but that was ridiculous,” he said.

“It was a terrible ball from the right-back and Jordan Jones fires home. We’ve seen all season teams playing out from the back – that’s very well if you have players who can execute it. This is a wonderful example of a team who can’t.”

Ridiculous, indeed.

O’Neill and Jones may have been left laughing, but it was a gift that the winger desperately needed at this stage of his career.

Malta aren’t exactly known for their footballing skill, and their attempt of playing out from the back was literally embarrassing.

Jones didn’t care, as he tries to rescue his Rangers career this summer.

Gerrard will be watching closely and will be delighted that his players are thriving on the international stage despite the massive efforts throughout the season.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, will it be a summer exit? Or will there be another chance handed to him in Glasgow? Time will tell.

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