Rangers and Celtic share a bitter rivalry that will never ever die out but sometimes, fans of both clubs need to show a bit of restraint.

Awful things can happen on both sides of the Old Firm divide. We’ve already seen this season with Glen Kamara allegedly being racially abused by Ondrej Kudela and, for the most part, we’ve seen a lot of Celtic fans being supportive of the Rangers midfielder.

One of the biggest things to happen between the two Glasgow rivals this season is the way Neil Lennon was hounded out of Celtic Park by fans. The Bhoys saw their hopes of 10-in-a-row blown to pieces by the Gers while their own rotten form with Lennon at the helm didn’t help.


Now, a worrying video clip of Lennon has emerged on social media which appears to show the former Northern Ireland player so drunk he’s struggling to stand.

We’re not sure where the video was filmed but it’s quite hard to watch a man who appears to be struggling.

At the end of the video, the man filming shouts abuse at Lennon after he’s walked off, prompting someone he’s with to charge back towards the cameraman before the video ends.

Journalist Graham Spiers hit out at the person who videoed Lennon.

He said on Twitter: “I bet I can speak for just about every football writer in Scotland when I say we’ve found Neil Lennon engaging, articulate, witty and self-deprecating over many years.

“Imagine a poor moron filming Lennon drunk, and abusing and goading him. The utter tragedy of social media today.”

We’ve already seen some horrific tweets from people on Twitter in reaction to the video clip about Lennon.

Unfortunately, as we follow a lot of Rangers fans, we’ve seen a lot of them from our fellow supporters.

Now is simply not the time for that. There’s a time when rivalries need to be put aside and sympathy is at least shown.

We don’t want to jump to any conclusions either, which is what a lot of fans are doing on social media. No Rangers fan on Twitter has the right to decide why Lennon is in such a bad way in this video.

Please, think before you write.

In other Rangers news, this Slavia Prague chief has shared what two Arsenal players told Ondrej Kolar about the Kemar Roofe incident.


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