Adrian Durham has said he’s “disappointed” that Rangers star Glen Kamara was banned for three games for assault after an incident in the Europa League Round of 16 game with Slavia Prague.

On the same Drive show, Durham’s guest Hugh Woozencroft made the point that every Rangers fan is fearing: what happens if Slavia Prague go on and win the Europa League and Ondrej Kudela ends the season “with a medal around his neck”?

Slavia Prague’s Kudela was banned for 10 games after being found guilty of racially abusing Kamara. Kamara was banned for three games after being found guilty of assaulting him in the tunnel after the game.

Talking on Drive on talkSPORT on Wednesday afternoon (4pm), host Durham said, “I’m looking at the ban of three games for Glen Kamara and I would question that.

“I know on the face of it some might say he assaulted him. Well, any wonder he assaulted him? Because he’s just been racially abused by him.

“What do you think he’s going to do? He’s not waiting for UEFA to hand out a sanction as that really hasn’t happened in the past.

“He ain’t going to stay calm when that happens and why should he? I’m disappointed that Glen Kamara has got a ban.”

Guest Hugh Woozencroft said, “Slavia Prague are going to be playing Arsenal tomorrow night but there are no repercussions for the club, no reason for the club to educate its players further… to try and change a culture that’s within the organisation itself.

“There’s no major fine for the club, there’s no fine for the FA. It’s all on the player, he gets a 10-game ban, out of sight out of mind, we won’t have to think of it ever again.

“What happens to Slavia Prague? Should they be continuing? What if they were to go on and lift the Europa league?

“What does that say to the rest of sport, what does it say to all of us as a sports-watching public that we maybe see Ondrej Kudela with a medal round his neck at the end of the season? Those are the things that are head-scratching.”


Message is wrong

Is a 10-game ban enough? We don’t think it goes far enough and the fact that Kudela felt confident enough to do what he did in such a high-profile European game in front of the TV cameras suggests that the game isn’t doing enough.

The ban goes some way towards putting that message out but we believe that Kamara should have been hit with a suspended punishment.

Kamara was provoked way beyond what any player should have to put up with on a football pitch and there are plenty of people who will think that what he did was justified. Durham is one of the first to stick his neck out and say it.

After this high-profile case, we believe it’s time for football to come together and ensure this never, ever happens again.

A total ban from the game if found guilty would seem to be a punishment that’s more in line with the modern world.

There simply is no place for it in football.

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