Glen Kamara’s lawyer Aamer Anwar has hit out at Ondrej Kudela in a new interview with ITV Sport as he seeks justice for the Rangers midfielder.

Kudela is alleged to have racially abused Kamara when Slavia Prague knocked Rangers out of the Europa League at Ibrox last month.

The Czech international will miss Slavia’s clash with Arsenal on Thursday night after being handed a provisional ban by UEFA.


Anwar is still seeking criminal charges against Kudela though and claims the Czech’s defence of presumption of innocence isn’t backed up by the fact he’s failed to speak to the Scottish police and help them with their investigation.

As shown in a video on Twitter by ITV journalist Peter Smith, Anwar said: “My understanding is that the sufficiency of evidence to pursue criminal charges against Mr Kudela, on the basis that it’s not just Glen Kamara who heard what was being said but also his team-mate Zungu, who heard what was being said.

“There’s also video footage, there’s the instantaneous reaction.

“It’s just disappointing that if Mr Kudela wants the presumption of innocence that he has failed to attend a police station in Scotland, that he’s said he was too ill to travel to Arsenal on Thursday before he was banned from doing so. Otherwise, Police Scotland would have been intending to take a statement from him and potentially charging him for a criminal offence.”


Kudela’s defence destroyed

How can one presume that he can defend himself on the presumption of innocence if he does not make himself available to be questioned by the police?

If he’s innocent, why not speak to them?

He doesn’t have to do it in person, we imagine. There’s an amazing invention called the internet, which Kudela could use to communicate with Police Scotland.

He has been back in the UK since the alleged racist incident at Ibrox, playing for the Czech Republic in their World Cup qualifying defeat to Wales.

In that match, he was forced off with an injury after Gareth Bale’s flailing arm caught him in the face and since then, he’s apparently been struck down with an illness that keeps him out of a game against Arsenal that he’s already banned for playing in.

What a coincedence.

If people want to keep saying that Kamara cannot prove what Kudela said to him then why doesn’t Kudela aid the investigation?

Even before the Bale incident and the current illness, he had time to speak to someone.

In other Rangers news, Jim White has reacted to Kamara’s latest interview.


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