Rangers have continued their campaign as normal despite five players breaking Covid-19 protocol and Chris Sutton wants to know why.

It is question with a straightforward answer, and Ally McCoist put it simply in his response to the former Celtic striker.

With both appearing on BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra, Sutton asked, “Ally just to ask you about the Government.

“At the start of the season with the Aberdeen and Celtic incidents, the Government got involved and they were banned from playing.

“Should this not be a precedent and Rangers be dealt with in the same way?”

It seems Sutton was hopeful of some of the Gers first-team being forced into isolation for 10 days, just as Celtic were last month.

However, McCoist said, “I think Aberdeen and Celtic were possibly banned from playing for different reasons Chris.

“I might be wrong not knowing all the ins and outs of it.

“I think Rangers have been quite fortunate to tell you the truth that the five players were caught.

“They were caught before they got into the training ground to mix with the staff and the players.

“Therefore, I think that has bizarrely helped Rangers case with the stupidity of the five players mentioned.”


Good fortune

It was luck more than anything else that the five players were caught before they got back in among the first-team squad.

In our defence though, this incident was caused by player indiscipline rather than a club decision to fly the whole squad out to Dubai, as happened with Celtic.

Unlike our rivals, the club itself did not undermine the regulations in place.

Neil Lennon was outraged by the reaction to some of his squad contracting Covid whereas our response has been a lot more professional.

When the news broke we immediately accepted that the players involved were at fault and have responded accordingly.

It is unlikely that any of the five will feature again this season as Steven Gerrard has taken a hard line – just as he did with Jordan Jones and George Edmundson in November.

We dealt with the issue internally so we can now all move on.

Sutton has an agenda – luckily McCoist was there to put him right this time.

In other Rangers news, Gerrard delivers injury update on Roofe & timeframe for return, hints at first start for 23y/o.


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