Rangers and Celtic are ready to stump up £1million in order to allow their Colt teams to play in Scottish League Two next season, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper claims talks are scheduled to take place this month over expanding Scotland’s fourth-tier to 16 teams. Rangers launched a similar proposal last year but it failed to get enough support from other clubs.

Rangers’ managing director Stewart Robertson has now been offered the chance to make a new bid to overhaul the SPFL with the Gers and Celtic ready to offer up £1million.


League Two currently had 10 teams but the new proposal would include two Highland League clubs and two clubs from the Lowlands League, as well as the Old Firm B teams, added to a 16-team fourth-tier.

However, the Daily Mail adds that senior figures at the SFA and SPFL are “privately” sceptical about the plan.

Unlikely to get our way

If a proposal for this failed last year then we can see it failing again, if we’re honest.

We can understand why Rangers and Celtic would want their B teams to play in League Two because the quality of the opposition they’ll play against will be better and it would also help young players to develop by playing against senior players.


It would also help out those League Two and Highlands and Lowlands Leagues teams financially because the Old Firm Colts would attract more fans to games and an increase in matches would also see teams increase income.

However, when you’re that low down the league ladder, matches get postponed and re-scheduled a lot so completing a 30-match season could have its difficulties with more teams in the league and more matches to get called off in the winter.

There’s also a moral issue. Do teams like Queen’s Park, Stranraer and Cowdenbeath want to play against Rangers and Celtic youngsters?

In their eyes, it could be insulting that their squads are deemed worth opposition for a bunch of teenagers.

Of course, in a time where football’s finances have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, money may talk so that could have a sway on the new plans.

In other Rangers news, Nicola Sturgeon has called for an investigation into Celtic.


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