By Jason Jones

23rd Mar, 2020 | 1:43pm

'They won't actually say this' - Ex-SPFL makes major Rangers claim amid Coronavirus chaos

Ex-SPFL chief Roger Mitchell has claimed that Rangers have already accepted that Celtic will be crowned champions this season. 

The former chief executive also suggested that there is no way that the current campaign will be able to reach a natural conclusion, despite consistent claims from clubs and governing bodies that it would be preferable to so.

And he believes that the fairest thing to do in the event of a total abandonment is to hand Celtic the title and relegate Hearts.

Speaking to The Scotsman, he said: “So here’s where I think we are today: Uefa want the domestic leagues restarted by the end of April but I know a lot of football people around Europe and that’s total fantasy. The thing is, the leagues know this, so we are in this phase where everyone is pretending there will be a finish.

“What my friends are saying to me is that at some point Uefa or the national governments will instruct the football bodies to call an end to 2019-20. This will be done. The season will not be null and void. Promotion and relegation will be decided. There’s formula for ascertaining likely points totals but I don’t think in Scotland this will change anything: Celtic will be champions and Hearts will be down.

“I think Hearts have accepted the situation, which is why they’re making these cutbacks. And I think Rangers have accepted it too, although they won’t actually say this.”

Is Mitchell correct about this one?

There are really two parts to this.

Firstly, is the league likely to get abandoned completely?

In truth, he is likely to know a lot more than the average man on the street about what is going on behind the scenes at the highest levels, and if he says that UEFA are fully aware of the fact that the season will not be completed then that is a worrying sign.

Secondly, have the Gers accepted that Celtic have already won the title?

None of us are naive, and we are fully aware of the fact that the Hoops are firmly in the driving seat, but as Andy Gray pointed out in a recent discussion on the matter, there is still enough doubt to suggest that the race is wide open.

The gap is 13 points, but there are to Old Firms left to play and we have a game in hand – win all of those and the gap could be four points.

It’s unlikely, but we won’t accept that the title is gone until it’s mathematically out of reach.

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