Broadcasting regulatory body Ofcom will not pursue a complaint from Celtic against Sky Sports News following an interview with Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos. 

A segment featuring the Colombian speaking in Spanish was shared on online platforms last month in which the subtitles provided suggested that he had accused Bhoys supporters of racially abusing him.

Celtic then released a statement and launched an official complaint against the broadcaster, stating that the translation was inaccurate.


Sky then issued a full apology and accurate transcription of the interview, as well as removing the content from all of their broadcasting platforms.

But Ofcom have today announced that they will not be taking Celtic’s demand for an investigation any further.

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, the organisation said: “We considered complaints about incorrect English subtitles in an interview on Sky Sports News.

“As the section of the interview with the incorrect translation was shown only on Sky’s website and on-demand platforms, and not on its broadcast television channel, we have no grounds to pursue this matter under the Broadcasting Code.”

For Morelos’ sake, hopefully.
The most important thing to remember about this whole debacle is that the Colombian has done nothing wrong.
He gave an interview in good faith that has since been warped and misconstrued.
Of course, the truth had to be properly broadcast, and if the boot was on the other foot, we would probably want Rangers to react in much the same way that Celtic have.
But now that the issue will not go any further, it’s vitally important that the lack of a meaningful investigation is not used as a stick with which Morelos is beaten by opposition fans.
Hopefully, this is the end of the matter.


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