Michael Stewart has aimed another dig at Rangers amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Alfredo Morelos’ recent interview with Sky Sports.

The pundit went on a rant against the Gers’ director of communications Jim Traynor on Monday night during an appearance on Sportsound, forcing the BBC into issuing an apology to the senior club figure over a lack of journalistic balance, as per The Herald.

The statement was prompted after a discussion on Morelos, who has been at the centre of media attention this week after doing an interview with Sky Sports in which the outlet suggested he had accused Celtic fans of racially abusing him.

Celtic have since released a statement arguing that the interview was mistranslated, and it has subsequently been removed from all broadcast platforms by Sky Sports.

Prior to these updates, however, Stewart hit out at the Gers, suggesting that they had staged the interview in an effort to deflect away from a story in which a man was charged with “tampering” with the Colombian’s car last week.

Writing on his personal Twitter in the aftermath of Sportsound’s apology to Traynor, Stewart said: “Impossible to thank everyone who has been in touch today, it’s been incredible the variety of people who’ve been in contact, but I appreciate every word of support and encouragement.

“I’ll keep saying it as I see it.”

In an apparent reference to the ongoing saga, he then translated his tweet into Spanish.

Is Stewart in the right here?

The pundit is entitled to his opinion, but to express it in such a manner, with such a conspiratorial tone, really doesn’t reflect too well on his professionalism.

Moreover, to rant against Traynor as he did on the BBC, knowing that the organisation must preserve impartiality and without the Rangers man there to defend himself, is always going to lead to criticism.

Perhaps most worrying, however, is his implication that players without evidence of being racially abused shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Of course, Stewart would argue that he did not mean to convey that message, and perhaps he didn’t, but his handling of this has been so clumsy that it really has come across in fairy poor light.

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