If you were going to handpick a paragon of fairness and justice in Scottish football, the first person to spring to mind probably wouldn’t be Scott Brown.

The Celtic captain has built a reputation down the years for being one of the most deliberately awkward and cantankerous players in the game, and his tendency to wind up people up has landed him in hot water on more than one occasion.

Who can forget, for instance, the time that he decided to goad Rangers supporters in an Old Firm derby last April – a game in which he also provoked Alfredo Morelos into clashing with him after trying to trip the Colombian, as per talkSPORT?

In short, Brown seems to love a bit of aggro, but it would appear that he isn’t so much a fan of him or his teammates getting some comeuppance.

In the most recent Old Firm at Parkhead at the end of December, there was one incident in particular that went unpunished at the time in which Ryan Christie appeared to grab Alfredo Morelos by the privates as the Colombian went to move past him with the ball.

Since then the SFA have given Christie a two-game ban for the challenge, as per Sky Sports, but it’s fair to say that Brown isn’t best pleased by the ruling.

As quoted by Sky Sports, he said: “Now you’re going to have to watch where you put your hands when you tackle people, like with penalties now, you’ll have to have your hands behind you.

“We don’t want everyone phoning up the SFA and people getting pulled up. We need that consistency and the club has done the right thing by sticking by Ryan because we all think it’s laughable.

“It’s silly decisions like that, you can’t accept that, and people are now going to worry about where everything goes when you go into tackles.

“Ryan didn’t know where his hands were going, he’s just trying to use his body to stop him.”

Now, sorry Scott, but no matter which way you look at it, this wasn’t just a foul, it was a cynical, dirty piece of play that was not spotted by the referee at the time.

Because of that it is eligible for referral to the SFA, and if you’re going to look at it retrospectively then you cannot deny that it deserves some kind fo punitive action.

He can moan all he wants, but Brown is wrong here.

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